Lesson Attendance

Regular attendance on a weekly basis is the rule. Because specific times are set aside for you, students who do not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson that you are paying for.
Registration is for the full term unless you terminate.  If you decide to take your child out of class before the end of the term it will be treated as a termination.  If you expect to start again the following term your time slot or any time slot will not be guaranteed.

Absentee and Makeup Policy

Students are able to miss up to 3 lessons per academic year (1 per term*), provided that I am given at least 24 hours notice.  Make-up lessons will be scheduled as convenient for both parties (use the Lesson Swap list or I will try to schedule on those days when I know another student can't make their class). Please try to limit your lesson cancellations to illness and emergencies only.  My policy is no make-up of any lesson in excess of the designated three (1 per term*).  Tuition is non-refundable and  makeups are not given for any lessons you miss or cancel outside the three permitted.  The tuition fee pays for more than the weekly lesson; it reserves your exclusive weekly lesson time.  See Where Does My Tuition Go?  If I cancel a lesson I will arrange for a make-up class during my personal time and if a mutually agreeable time cannot be reached, I will refund your lesson or reduce the next invoice.
* Due to time scheduling restraints makeup lessons must be used within the term the missed lesson occurred.  No carry overs to the next term as my schedule does not allow it.

For the student who has extra activities and cannot make a class or your child was unwell in the morning, but is feeling better by lesson time, but not up to coming out, think about the following options before you cancel a lesson. 
  • Phone Lesson
  • Facetime
  • Skype
If your child cannot do any of these options:
  • I will spend that half hour lesson planning for your child and send a quick email outlining his/her assignment or a lesson video
  • You can video a practice and upload it to You Tube or a dropbox and I will watch it and get back to you with notes.

Please do not send your child to class if they have a fever or heavy with a cold.  I cannot afford to get sick and I do not want to pass anything on to my other students or family.  Thank you for understanding.