Creating Lifelong Learners
I am committed to creating lessons that engage the student.  Not everyone learns the same way, some learn visually, some learn better aurally, and others learn kinesthetically, so I am constantly looking for new and creative ways to teach.  By being aware of the individual student's needs, I can tailor the most effective form of instruction resulting in high levels of student achievement.  It is my aim to create lessons that are engaging, interactive, and promote lifelong learning.
When I was learning piano, my teacher focused only on classical music without any focus on creativity.  I was not taught to compose or improvise and I didn't even know what a lead sheet was. That's not the way I teach.  I have spent the last few years researching and developing my own method of teaching.  I use a lot of music games to solidify music theory. I also use iPad music games that my students beg to play.  I give them the opportunity to compose and be creative.
I focus on good hand position and technique for without that, bad habits form. I tell my students that they can't play fast if they have flat fingers.  
For those who want to participate in the Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program, I am registered with RCM and my students have achieved excellent results.
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